We provide single-point diamond turning services for single parts and small series production of mirrors for space, infrared lenses, prototype imaging or illumination lenses. Together with our diamond turning capabilities, we can also do in-house diamond fly-cutting and diamond milling, as well as rough turning/milling using conventional CNC machines. With these technologies, we can offer our customers a complete service from the bulk material to the finished part. For a more complete look at our available machining and metrology equipment, have a look at our Technology page.

Combining different techniques for machining, fixturing and compensation, we can machine lightweighted parts with an extreme accuracy. Using diamond turning, milling and fly-cutting, we can machine mechanical reference surfaces and the optical surface in a single setup. This way, we can ensure a highly accurate positioning of the references with respect to the optical surface.

Industries Consumer, aerospace, OEMs, defense, medical
Materials Al, RSA, Cu, CuZn, NiP, Steel, Ge, ZnS, ZnSe, CaF2, Si, PMMA
Geometries Spherical, aspherical, off-axis parabola, toric, ellipsoid, freeform
Size 1-450 mm diameter
Form accuracy 0.1-0.5 µm PV
Surface finish 1-10 nm Ra
Dimensional accuracy < 1 µm

Possible applications are numerous and cover a wide range of industries. We have already successfully realized projects for:

  • Mirrors for space instrumentation
  • Mirrors for space observation
  • Mirrors for laser and UV
  • Prototype imaging and illumination lenses
  • Infrared lenses
  • etc.